I Got It!

After my meeting with my boss, I instructed the driver to pick me up at the Podium. For one, he’s more familiar with that place compared to the Linden Suites. But more importantly to see for myself if there’s really no more Optimus Prime available.

I walked from the hotel to the mall. It wasn’t that long but it felt nice walking with other people on their way home. So this is probably how it feels to walk to the MRT station after a day in the office. Maybe I’ll get to feel this one of these days. Or maybe not.

Anyway, I digress. So I went straight up to the Podium’s Toy Kingdom store at the third floor and did some man-shopping when I got there: “May Optimus Prime kayo?” They directed me to their customer service counter and there they were. The stocks just came in today, they told me. It wasn’t that many. I think there were seven Optimus Prime toys and one Megatron. Pulled out the credit card, bought one and was out of the store in five minutes or less.

So if you’re looking for Optimus Prime or Megatron, try looking for it at the Toy Kingdom in the Podium mall. No guarantees if there are still some left, but it’s better than taking a trip to SM City Batangas or ordering online.

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