Transformers: My Take

Warning: There are spoilers in the entry below. If you don’t want it, close your browser, go to another website now or forever hold your peace.

I got to see Transformers last night at the Power Plant Mall and even up to now I’m not too sure what to think of it.

Growing up with the cartoon series and having memorized the whole dialog of the cartoon movie, I’m really disappointed that this turned out into a GMC fest. If they didn’t have to do the sponsorship duties, Optimus Prime would have been a flat-nosed cab, Bumblebee a Volkswagen Beetle, Ironhide a van, Ratchet an ambulance, and Jazz a Porsche.

It’s also true that unlike in the cartoons where you can imagine what type of vehicles they transform to, it’s more complex in this movie. They’re so much moving parts that I really had a hard time distinguishing the features of the robots’ faces. Take the new Megatron for example and you’ll know what I mean. From a production standpoint, I guess they have to do this to make it more real.

Storywise, it was OK. It was expected – usual stuff where Decepticons come to destroy and the Autobots defend, and in the end good triumphs over evil.

For the characters, I kind of wished they used Spike and Sparkplug in the movie. That would’ve been a hoot. But that’s OK because Megan Fox was sizzling. She was so hot that I actually didn’t pay attention to the acting. Go figure. Aside from her, I just wished there were more exposures of the other robots, especially the Decepticons. The Autobots were introduced and we kind of figured out what their personalities were. Couldn’t say the same for Starscream and the gang, though. Aside from Blackout, Frenzy and Barricade, we only saw the others in action when they mobilized themselves.

I guess I should put something here to end this so-called review, but I really don’t know what to say. Hmmmm. It’s good. Watch it. Quite an entertainment package. I just wished there were more of robots. And if you saw the cartoon movie, watch out for Prime’s quotable quotes – to die for!

Now time to take myself to Toy Kingdom.

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