On their way to Biñan, a rock coming from the upper level of the Skyway fell on Connie’s windshield and broke it. Now I have to go through all the hassles of doing an insurance claim not to mention not using the car until it gets fixed.

It doesn’t seem all that bad until I realized that the other car already has a buyer and will be picked up tomorrow. So unless that guy backs out, we will effectively have only one car to service us all.

Most likely my trip to Batangas this weekend is going to the dumps, unless for some strange reason, I win a car on a raffle draw I didn’t join or God decides it’s a “raining cars” day. Now me being there on the 24th of this month is one big question mark. Hmmmmm. So I guess I won’t be the race director after all?

I am not blaming them nor anyone. I know shit happens. I’m actually happy that nothing serious happened to them. I just want to let off some steam and release the anger and frustration of things happening beyond my control.

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