First of June

First of June
It’s the First of June. Summer is officially ended and it’s going to be back to school soon. White polo, khaki pants and black shoes are already on display in the SM department stores. National Bookstore’s armed itself for the school supplies rush with a lousy promo called “National Bookstore’s Back to School Surprises.” (If you don’t believe me as to how lousy it is, listen to their ad on radio. It’s giving the PCSO jingle a run for its money.)

So summer is over and pretty soon they’ll be putting up the lane dividers in La Vista again for the Miriamites. I hate it when they do that. Not only do they cause a lot of traffic in the morning and early afternoon, the dividers transform the wide main road into a narrow two-lane student driver’s nightmare.

Oh well, at least I did a lot of things this summer – a 14-hour drive to Bicol on a gas-guzzling CRV, swallowing sea water the first time I saw a whale shark, conquering the last section of the Roxas trail, and finishing the 2nd Men’s Health All Terrain Race in 12th place for my category. All in all, I’d say it’s not that bad.

I know that I should hold my excitement until I meet with the Batangas boys tomorrow, but I’m really looking forward to being the race director in this year’s EBD Barangay Tour. Unlike last year, I really would like to play a more proactive part. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Have a happy Friday, everyone!

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