Shrek the Third

Shrek the Third
I watched Shrek yesterday at the Powerplant Mall and it was just so-so. I was expecting to be laughing my ass off but the jokes and punchlines this time round was not as good. Dare I say that I should’ve waited for the pirated DVD version instead. Really. And now I heard that there might be a fourth installment by 2010. Heaven forbid how sucky that might turn up to be.

If there’s a good side to the movie, it’s probably our growing McDonald’s Shrek the 3rd happy meal toys. I know that it’s not good for me but we only need Gingy and Pinocchio to complete it. Just a few more “sacrifices” to go.

I also saw the Ogre-size M&Ms when I was shopping at the SM Supermarket with the Singapore boys. It seems OK but not compelling enough for me to get one.

My former company got the mobile license for the movie. I don’t think they’ll be making enough money for the minimum guarantee just by pull and push services alone no matter how many billboards they promote the service. But then I saw that they have promos for M&Ms and McDonald’s. Aaaaaaaahhhhh! Nice thinking wonderdog!

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