I voted

I Voted
I went out and voted yesterday. Actually it is more of I picked up my dad and my siblings then drove for two hours to Batangas and voted. I’m now one proud Filipino and I still have indelible ink on my right index finger to prove it.

Now that I’m checking the partial results on TV, I feel a bit disappointed that some of the senatorial candidates I voted aren’t doing that well, while some of those whom I despise are actually in the running to be the Philippines’ Next Top Model Senators. In my own words: “Ha?! Nakapasok ‘yan?!

At least yesterday’s drive was a breeze save for the occasional traffic build up near public schools. With four people in the car, I still managed to hit 175kph in STAR. Now that’s a good way to remove those nasty engine deposits. Connie was so stable that you wouldn’t notice your speed until you see it on her digital display. Wow! And this is just the 1.8-liter version. I wonder how fast the 2.0-liter variant can go.

So now it’s back to work. With the elections now over, expect the prices of gasoline to go up and the Philippine Peso to go down.

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