No More Oops Please

No More Oops Please
In today’s’s article “Election Rings“, Charry Villa talks about the wonders of user-generated content with the use of mobile phones. With all the coverage planned for the upcoming local and national elections, it’s cool that news networks are also getting some of their reports from concerned citizens.

And then she mentions this:

“Don’t be afraid. Send us your email or your text, even just to show how orderly or peaceful the polling center where you cast your vote.

Type your name, address and complaint, send to 2366 or email us at or”

Hmmmm. No problem with the email. It’s the texting part that caught my attention.

That’s an access number she wants people to text to. It’s different from the usual peer-to-peer 0917/0918 numbers. Being an access number, it has to have a syntax for the system to recognize and process the messages coming from the customers. There’s no person in the other end manually sorting out the incoming texts.

They’ve been doing these things since the days of Game K N B? They’ve already done this interaction in several of their news shows. They’ve already done this in past Halalan coverages. They should have known this by now.

Now where is that person in charge of this SMS service? He or she should have coordinated with the author of the article and the editorial staff of the website. How hard can that be?

Maybe I’m just making a mountain out of a molehill. I dunno. I’m sick of these petty things. They’re no longer start-ups anymore, and in a campaign as big as this, there has to be some form of accountability.

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