Caffeine will kill you

I can’t sleep even if I want to. It must be all that caffeine from the iced tea I drank tonight. I think I finished half a liter. Or it must be because I’m excited to be in the Men’s Health All Terrain mountain bike race this Sunday.

The Batangas boys are coming, finally. I never realized how I missed them. I wasn’t with them in this year’s Visita Iglesia because of the Bicol trip and it’s going to be the first time I’m seeing them in person with this year’s jersey.

I can’t wait to find out how they will do in the race. They’ve been training regularly so I know they’re quite fit. They’re also doing their monthly club race – a punishing climb to Sto. Domingo. But as to how they compare to the riders from other clubs is what I want to know.

Later, I will be riding the course with King and Agu. It’ll be just a slow pasyal ride. Agu will be testing Goyo’s Ibis Mojo mountain bike while I take some reconnaissance pictures for the BMB boys.

It’s not the climbs that scare me but more on Roxas Trail’s descent. I’ve been able to complete it with my new bike frame for several times already. I’m just not confident how I will do when there are racers behind me.

It’s 1:57 in the morning and I’m waking up at six. I should go to sleep. I should tell my body to relax and let go of things in my mind.

Wish me luck.

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