Getting Fried

Getting Fried
The heat is just terrible. Normally when I’m at home working, I would just turn on the aircon until the room is cool enough, turn it off and let the electric fan do the work. Nowadays, I just can’t do that. I turn on the airconditioner at 10:30 a.m. at the latest and turn it off at 6:00 p.m. or risk getting fried in my own lard body oil. It is that hot.

In this year’s spring classic, the Paris-Roubaix, the cyclists were greeted with a dry and dusty pave instead of the usual muddy sludge fest. It looked more like a summer race with their jerseys all unzipped. Very unusual.

Global warming is here, and we better do what we can to solve this crisis. I’m trying some changes that aren’t that hard to do in the hope that it will help somehow. From my usual Shell V-Power, I switched to Shell’s Unleaded E10. Not only is it cheaper by P0.50 from their unleaded gasoline, it’s cleaner and it uses 10% ethanol from Sugar Cane. That’s 10% less fossil fuel, at least.

I would love to bike to work, but then I’m working at home anyway. I guess I’m helping out in a way. But seriously, if there is a decent bike parking area in Makati or Ortigas with a shower facility and lockers, I think there would be people who would bike to work.

Got any more ideas on how we can contribute on this crisis? Leave a message in the comment box.

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