The Rebirth of Connie

The Rebirth of Connie
After eight months of mostly city driving, Connie began to be sluggish and her acceleration and response was nothing to how a 1.8-liter engine should perform. And so I took advantage of today’s trip to Batangas City for some mountain biking to bring Connie back to life.

Going to my hometown, I squeezed her as much as I could. On the way there, the best she could do was about 140 to 145 kilometers per hour on the STAR Tollway with two bikes on the rack. Not bad but my old car, Chai, can do much better. On the way back, she seemed to have exorcised her demons and hit 171 kilometers per hour without being twitchy. Cool! I think all the build up in her engine are finally gone. Thank God!

Now, she responds well when I need the speed as I drive around the city. Coming from City Lifestyle, she did 50 to 110 kph on Quezon Avenue without breaking a sweat.

Welcome back, Connie!

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