Crunch Time

Crunch Time
Like the other Decembers of the past, this month is crunch time – trying to get everything up and running before the big holiday network freeze puts everything to a standstill. It’s hard. It’s tense. Its stress level is the size of typhoon Milenyo. I think I’m getting a lot of gray hair because of this.

But you want to know what’s strange? I like it. For some twisted reason, I seem to have missed it and now I welcome it to my system with arms wide open. I love being on the phone and bugging the telco people to help us out. I like balancing between being aggressive and a pain in the ass. I enjoy explaining how an SMS service in the Philippines should work to our technical person in Singapore. These excite me.

Now I pray for these guys to have a little more patience. I know that it’s just a few weeks before the holidays, but let’s not shut down yet.


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