1. I am free of credit card debt finally! I paid it all in full using my bank‘s online banking facility, which I find really convenient.

2. After more than a month in the making, PLDT finally arrived at my door and installed the landline I applied for in the “office room”. What’s great is they gave me a landline number that’s easy to memorize. Now I need to get a fax machine to go along with that.

3. It’s hard coordinating between telcos and your technical team if you’re not much of a technical person. So when I finally managed to have them talk to each other on the phone through a conference call, I was so relieved. Oh! And I now know where to download that CIMD2 thing!

4. Remember the five pounds I gained because of my eating spree in Singapore? It’s gone! The secret – going back to my usual low-fat, low-salt, no-meat, no-fried diet. You like?

I know these are just small things, but I think we all have to learn to celebrate life’s achievements no matter what size it may be.


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