On Supermouse, Greetings and Transformers

Thanks to Lawrence for getting me a Wireless Mighty Mouse. It’s cheaper by P500! It could’ve been way cheaper if we told him earlier. Of course, in true Jovan tradition of naming properties, it is now called “Roborat” (Ilabas mo ang iyong lawit).

Mean It When You Say It
I dropped by Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall yesterday and I was surprised that they’ve expanded and took up the space of what used to be Surplus Shop. It’s good. A lot of the nice Justice League and Batman toys are there along with other nice goodies.

The experience would have been great except for their pesky sales people, who just shout out “Hi Sir! Welcome to Toy Kingdom!” out of their noses. It was obviously fake – something that you know they were told to do and that’s it. It was insulting in a way. I mean, I’d rather not be greeted if it was like that. I think top management failed to tell them the reason why they should greet people because it would’ve been different if they knew.

Transformers in Toy Kingdom
And also in the same Toy Kingdom incident, I was looking at the Transformers display and this sales person approached me and said “‘Yan Transformers, sir!, points at the illustrations on the box and adds “nagta-transform.”


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