The Last Check

The Last Check
With great power comes great responsibility. That’s Peter Parker’s wisdom and also the last line in the Spider-Man movie. You really have to hand it to these superheroes when they make something so complex in life seem so simple.

With that, I announce that I’ll be finally getting my last check from my dear old ex-company next Wednesday. It’s not in the six-figure range I was hoping it would be, but it’s cool nonetheless.

Now what to do with it is the question. I can easily blow it all off in a bike shop with the 2007 Shimano XTR gruppo or a trip to Mickey’s or Autoline, but surprisingly I don’t want to do that. In my mind I’m thinking more of paying off my outstanding credit card debt, give some cash to support my family, buy some clothes so I can retire my old ones, and then keep the rest in my savings account.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I think this is a milestone in my life. It may not be full blown yet but I think I have matured.

This is how I welcome my thirties.

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