I’m back.

Now I realized that chores shouldn’t be done on a Monday, especially if it’s the first Monday of the month. Damn.

First was Metrobank. I figured it would just be an easy thing to open a checking account and deposit a check, but when I got there the parking was full.

OK, so I cancelled it. I moved it to another day. Tomorrow perhaps. It’s near the house anyway.

Next was PLDT to pay for the service connection fee. I drove to the one in East Avenue at the back of the City Hall. When I got there, the parking was worse than Metrobank’s. From the office at the corner, the cars were all lined up till Sulo Hotel.

So I took plan B – SM City North EDSA. I parked my car at the first level of the carpark, went down to the PLDT office at the ground floor, took a number from the guard and waited for my turn. Lo and behold! In true PLDT tradition, just when there were only seven people to go before my number is called, they went offline. Bummer.

I never bothered getting the Smart prepaid SIM card and credits for the testing. To hell with it! I’ll just do that tomorrow, like everything else.

Licking my wounds, I blog.

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