Missing Singapore
Although I have only been there for only five days, I miss Singapore. I miss the daily train adventures, the cleanliness of the streets, the orderliness of almost everything, and most especially the food.

In my quest to relive the memories which caused me to gain five pounds, I now crave for Kopiroti’s Tea Tarik and Wan Chai’s Chicken Rice. Although these pale in comparison to the ones in the hawker stalls (Mr. Teh Tarik in Telok Ayer Street and my suking Chicken Rice stall in Tekka Market), I’m thankful that at least they’re available here. Now I’m thinking of taking a trip to Lolo Mao in The Podium and to Banana Leaf Curry House in the Power Plant for more Singaporean food.

I guess if I had stayed for a couple more days, I would’ve had my fill of the country. I wasn’t able to go around that much and immerse myself entirely.

I know that was only a few weeks ago, but I’m looking forward to my next trip there in three or four months. And maybe they’d send me to Bangkok to check out the operations there. Cool!

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