Work @ Home: Some Realizations
Working at home has its perks, but it can easily be boring. Working for a little more than a week, I came up with a handful of realizations.

It’s OK to call the telco people and create service descriptions in your pajamas. It’s also OK if you haven’t shaved and taken a shower the whole day. They don’t know that you look like shit, anyway. Just put some slang in your English and you’re good to go.

Instant Messengers keep you hooked up to the rest of the world and keeps your sanity intact. When you get the itch to bug someone just for the heck of it, all you have to do is click on his or her name and press ctrl-G. Hehehehehe!

Do not turn on the TV or you’ll get sucked into it. Even though I’m home, the only entertainment I do is iTunes and that’s it. So more or less I’m creating an office environment and it would be easier for me to focus on work.

The bed is not your enemy. Power naps are good as long as it doesn’t affect your work or productivity.

You have to go out every now and then just to break the monotony. Have lunch with friends. Go to the mall. Drive to Tagaytay. You have your laptop anyway so you can bring your work with you.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list soon. And if you’ve got more things in mind, don’t hesitate to add it using the comment box!

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