Singapore Memories
It’s funny how this title reminded me so much of “Kuwait Memories”, the title of a Filipino porn movie I saw when I was in high school.

Well I’m back in the Philippines. I have been working in my new company for fourteen days now. My first week was in Singapore, where I got to see the office along Telok Ayer Street in Chinatown and got oriented, in a way, with the process flows and stuff. You probably know this from my previous entry.

Anyway, I wasn’t able to go shopping at all. Well, at least the shopping that I wanted to. I managed to drop by Sim Lim Square for about an hour before I leave for Changi Airport to buy some electronic goodies for us. I bought a wireless router and a 1GB flash drive. Exciting huh?

I did get to take some shots with my old Sony digicam. And here they are:

Here’s me when I got back to the hotel after my first day. Albert Court is a pretty comfy place to stay. And yes, those are twin beds. I was actually inviting friends to tag along since the accomodation’s paid for by the company anyway.

Here’s Jollibean. I first saw it on my way in to Tekka Mall, looking for a place to eat. When I saw it, I just have to take a picture of it for the kids back home.

Little India is the area where I stayed. Here, they’re celebrating Deepavali (Did I get the spelling right?) and the whole area are decorated with lights.

This is Singapore’s Chinatown; Telok Ayer Street, to be exact. I took this picture on my way to work. As you can see, it’s worlds away from the Chinatown in Manila.

And this is my temporary workstation when I was there. This is where I blogged my previous entry.

When I go back, I promise to take more pictures. (And eat less Chicken Rice, dammit!)

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