I’m here na lah!
Hello everyone! I’m here in the beautiful island of Singapore! It’s not as bright and sunny because of the haze coming from Indonesia’s forest fires, but it’s nothing a Filipino cannot handle. We get this all the time in Manila in the form of the fumes coming from the buses and jeepneys plying in EDSA.

The office is situated in Telok Ayer Street, right smack in the country’s Chinatown district. I have to admit that images of dirty Binondo came into my mind but it’s nothing like that. On the contrary, it’s the country’s central business district and it’s more Greenbelt with lots of offices, food stalls and pocket gardens.

Near the corner of Cross Street, the office is at the second floor of a chinese store. It’s a cool loft with a fantastic view of a park and a nice bathroom. There are about nine people working here with various nationalities – Paul is American, Trevor is Canadian, John is Pinoy, Ken is from Malaysia, and Pang, Saad, Chris and Eric are Singaporeans. It’s a cool bunch and it’s really like how it was during our Bohol Mansion days.

I’ve taken the MRT from my hotel in the Little India district for two days now and I can say that I’m beginning to get the hang of it, except for that incident this morning when I thought I was lost going through the transfer at the Douby Gout station.

Yesterday, Paul and I went to Suntec City to check out the 3GSM conference. He introduced me also to some of the people in the industry and made me go to the Mobile Monday social (which was held on a Tuesday. Go figure.). It was cool. It was information overload. It made me put things into perspective and realize where we are and where I am in this big industry. I wish they made us go to these conferences when I was in my old company.

I have a lot of things to do today starting with the marketing plan for my new company’s services. I’ll be meeting with the cool boys here in the office to get myself more acquainted as to how they run things here. After work, I’m hoping I could drop by the Funin Mall to check out the electronic stuff they’re selling there.

Still no laptop, but they’ll be getting me one before I fly to Manila.

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