So it’s a go. All the while I’ve been toying with the idea of all this being just a big hoax – that after the resignation and the despedida party, it ends up as a cruel joke. And I’ll end up doing a Moby, going back after telling everyone I’m resigning despite signing a contract with the other company. Oh what horror! But that’s water under the bridge now that I have my round-trip tickets and accomodation confirmation email. It’s all systems go.

Five days all by myself in a foreign country. I think I’m getting the jitters. I’ve travelled many times by myself around the country, but this is my first time to do it in a foreign land. There’s a feeling of helplessness somewhere. It’s like being fed to the lions – death is certain. I bet this is nothing compared to how the OFW’s feel when they leave. Imagine leaving all your loved ones behind for a long time to earn a decent living. Now compare that to me, who’ll stay there for five days and four nights to meet up with the team and other content suppliers. I should shake this feeling off soon.

It’s October 10. Six more days to go before the start of my new job. Now that it’s slowly sinking in, I realized that filing that terminal leave is a good decision. Without that, my last day would be tomorrow, and I’d be too burned out then to think of anything fresh. I wish I had more time for the break but my funds are fast depleting. Back to reality. Back to the salt mines.

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