The Final Logout
Yesterday was my “surprise” despedida. I was there at around five in the afternoon but the celebration started late. Most of the mobile people were still in their workshop at the 13th floor.

While I was waiting, I managed to run the datawarehouse program one last time and was happy to see that Gamester is finally picking up. September was my highest month ever in terms of revenues and uniques. And based from the trending of October, it can surpass the September numbers quite significantly. I sure hope Bianca can sustain the growth.

The party was a simple one. They served pansit, barbecue, puto, ice cream, beer and wine. They also bought chicken from Kenny Roger’s for the guests from Globe. On the freedom board read “Good Luck, Sergio Van. We will miss you. Bon voyage.” with a picture of a ship sailing into the sunset. It was cheesy, I know, but it struck a chord.

The party was OK. I was actually hoping for more fun, but I realized that this is as good as it gets. There were only a few of us – the oldies – who’re left. I was thinking of the good old days when people would be drinking and dancing and smoking to the wee hours of the morning. But it’s a different batch. And they would have their own set of rituals as well.

I am thankful for the the alumni who made their way to the ELJCC to celebrate the moment with me.

My time is up. And I log out.

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