I am surprisingly happy and satisfied with all the things I accomplished at work today. This doesn’t happen to me that often lately. Usually, I would be running hopelessly trying to cope up with all that I have to do. You know how it is when you wear quite a number of hats – from mobile games to cable channels.

The secret? I tried out what I read from Time magazine about how successful people handle their time and focused one stuff at a time, blocking most of the unnecessary items that hinder me from actually accomplishing anything. I wrote down all that I have to do, and right after I’m through I cross them out.

Crossing out an item from the list with a pen feels good. It’s way different than deleting an item from my digital notepad. With an actual list on paper, I get to see all the items that I crossed out. On a computer to-do list, once it’s done and you delete it, there are no traces of it ever existing and you’re left with the stuff you still need to do.

Tomorrow is another round. I don’t know how it will turn out. Right now I don’t want to think about it. What matters now is today.

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