It’s 2006 and I haven’t blogged yet. So what I’ll try to do is cram everything.

On the 2nd day after Christmas my true love gave to me a 60-Gig iPod Video. I remember they just launched this when we were in the States. Back then we stopped ourselves from getting it because one, we were buying a new laptop, and two, we justified to oursellves that it’s for listening to music (a job which our old 4th Gen iPod handles quite nicely) and we’d probably won’t be watching videos anyway. Oh how wrong we were. Now our new gadget has a number of episodes of Smallville, Lost and Alias along with podcasts of Happy Tree Friends and, of course, porn!

I went for a day-trip to Batangas during the holidays for an afternoon of mountain biking with some of friends there. Even though it rained when we were riding and I did a not-so-serious endo on a deep puddle-covered pothole, it was quite an experience for me. I should do this more often, I thought. It would be great if we still have a place here. I miss my cramped room in our gasoline station. If I have some money, it would be great to get a vacation house here.

I’m taking advantage of this doctor-recommended diet that I’m in. I’m now back to my active lifestyle again. I do a 3.5-kilometer run at night and mountain bike in the weekend. What’s so great is I notice a lot significant improvements in my strength and recovery. I can do the lap without stopping and I can actually climb standing without being winded. This must the silver lining for not being able to eat anything in the feast they prepared in the Binan Christmas reunion.

Today is Morny’s birthday and last night was his party at Querico’s in Project 4. The bald black guy turned 30 and he decided to celebrate the “milestone.” There were a lot of people in the party from almost every point of his life – his family, his barkada, his TD friends, Enta members, peers from the Filipino department and his church friends.

Joyce and Myles left early and so did Sanya. So it was only Vina, Rolex and I left to do the countdown. When it was over and we said we had to go, he gave us a long hug. He was crying. “Akalain niyo bang aabot tayo nang ganito,” was what he said.

I know he was buzzed, but I have to admit that it got me thinking. Yeah, we never thought about these moments when we were in high school.

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