I’ve officially been back working for a week now. My three-week vacation in the United States seems like a blur now with all the catching up I’m doing in the office. The pictures I promised to post are still for posting. Well at least it’s in the hard drive of our new laptop and not in the camera’s memory card.

To all the people who extended their hospitality to us when we’re in the US, we are very grateful. Though we didn’t get to meet, thanks to Chegay for her invaluable input in helping us book our tickets for South West and America West airlines; to Aisa for the Vegas gimmicks; to Tito Manny, Tita Dolly and Manang Mayose for giving us a place to stay, feeding us and going as far as driving us to Los Angeles from Las Vegas for our flight back home; to Manang Lynette, Manong Vince, Anika and Anton for opening our eyes to the outlets; to Tito Sidring, Tita Mita, Jay, Michael and Tina for giving us a blast in San Francisco; to Tita Violy, Tito Teddy, Michael, Lala, Dexter, Edward and Kit for letting us stay with them for a night; to Fredie, Bunny’s uncle, for treating us to lunch and driving us around; to Enrique and Myra for the wonderful dessert and chat; to Edwin Saramosing for showing us around Hollywood and Beverly Hills; and to Angie, Bong, Mark, Sophia and Vito for the dinner.

I’ll try to have some pictures posted within the week. 🙂

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