Secretary Story Number 74: The Parable of the Test Phone
She is lucky. She was given a cellphone unit by her boss. This is his own but he gave it to her so that she has something to use for official business, whatever that may be. The ones before her had to be content with just office-issued prepaid cards and nothing more.

Despite this, she is not happy about it. The buttons of this unit were hard to press, and she even had the nerve to tell this to her boss.

She asked him if she could just use a test phone, and he agreed with the condition that she would let people use it for testing. With this, she went on her quest looking for the test phone her heart desires – the one with the soft buttons (and right features, of course).

She searched far and wide. Finally, she stumbled upon a Sony-Ericsson T610 unit being used for testing mobile games. Seeing that these people had a lot of test units with them and that one less wouldn’t do any harm, she got the phone for her own under the guise of testing it for the Kapamilya SIM.

She had so much fun with her phone – texting people, talking to them for long periods of time (within office hours, perhaps?), storing their numbers, taking their pictures. Imagine using an office phone for personal use. You get the best of both worlds – a phone way better that what you have without the worries of maintaining it because it’s not under your name and you have your personal one in case it dies down. It was heaven.

Or so she thought. For the real owner of the phone (the one whose neck is on the line in case it gets lost) realized that one of his units is missing and discovered that it was with her all along. Under the guise of testing, he took it and locked it in his desk never to be used for personal use again.

The poor soul tried to get it back. And she did. When he asked her purpose, she admitted that it was for personal use but said that she’s willing to shell out in case it gets damaged. Convinced, he gave the unit to her.

The story doesn’t end here. The owner soon found out about the mobile phone with the hard buttons given to her by her boss and took the T610 away for good.

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