Technical Difficulties

You are not the technical person of choice because your work sucks. It’s that simple. I never asked you to program my service. So when you were assigned to the task by your superior, my fingers were crossed hoping that maybe this time you’d put some effort into it. Maybe after all these time, you changed.

Of course I was wrong. When you said that everything’s ready for testing, I did just that. And I discovered that you didn’t understand it at all. That is because of one simple thing – you didn’t freaking read my SD!

Granted that I don’t know how to code (yet) and that I’m probably at your mercy now, but I definitely busted my ass making that service. An SD is more than just reply messages, dear. It’s my architecture of how things will flow and give my users the right experience they deserve. The least you could have done to extend your courtesy is to read it. And if you have questions, you know I’m more than willing to answer it.

And you expect me to give you a “5” in your MBO ratings?

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