Top Signs Something’s Fishy in the People Power Monument Hunger Strike/Fasting
10. There’s always a food delivery motorcycle mysteriously parked near the monument.
9. Mass is held three times a day with communion hosts as big as a plate and jumbo-sized chalices.
8. Although the average number of mass attendees is about thirty people, they always prepare one hundred hosts for communion each time.
7. You surprisingly see that the day countdown is one when you could’ve sworn it was 34 yesterday.
6. Sin absolution in exchange for balut or penoy.
5. A petition for rice and adobo to substitute for communion hosts has been passed to the CBCP for their consideration.
4. You begin to see them on Pinoy Big Brother. Apparently the tents have become an annex of the Pinoy Big Brother house.
3. Four words – WILL RUN FOR FOOD.
2. You see a shifting schedule on people doing the hunger strike/fasting. When asked about it, they say it’s to make it more “efficient”.
1. When you dial 8-MCDO, they always mistake you for the running priest.

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