Well, wouldn’t you know it, after blogging about them reformatting my pc from Windows 2000 to XP, they made me swallow what I wrote.

Yes, I am one of the lucky few who got issued a brand new HP PC with a Pentium 4 2.80 GHz processor, 512 MB’s of memory, eight USB ports, and 80 GB’s of hard drive. Yeahbah! The downside? I don’t have CD-ROM and I can’t install software without the blessing of the almighty technical administrators.

To those people who didn’t get one, please do not kill me. I didn’t ask for it. Believe me when I say I’m praying that you get a new PC unit, too! Just for luck, try blogging about how your PC sucks. Who knows, you might chance upon them spying on you doing some “research”.

Also part of the good news, the office now has WiFi. The joy was so overwhelming that four people celebrated! Hehehehe!

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