Yesterday’s leave didn’t go to waste after all. After three and a half hours of waiting, I walked out of the embassy with a smile on my face relieved that the whole thing is finally over.

Yes, I finally have a US tourist visa. And even though they have it in France, Japan and Hong Kong, I can now say that I am finally going to Disneyland.

I was interviewed by a nice man, who is, I guess, in his mid thirties, and it was short. Among all the documents that I prepared, he only asked for Charo’s US Visa, my company ID, my payslip and my employment certificate. That’s it. He just asked me my reason for going to the United States, where I work, what’s my position, what do I do, and how much I’m getting per month. Sweet.

So I guess I didn’t get denied after all, not to mention the hundred dollar application fee not going down the drain.

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