You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. The new batch of tech boys today is a far cry from Mike’s time. Before, when something happens to my PC, you just tell them the problem and it’ll be fixed the following day. Nowadays, it’s different.

When I came in the office last Tuesday, I found out that the new tech boys had just reformatted my PC over the weekend without even informing me. They didn’t leave any notes about it on my desk. I just discovered the whole thing when I booted it up and discovered that it now runs on Windows XP instead of my beloved Windows 2000.

What I hated was instead of fixing everything over the whole three-day weekend and making sure eveything’s ready come work day, the two opted for “installment installation”.

When I booted it and I found out I couldn’t log in, it was only then that they created an account for me in their database. When I complained that there were no other softwares in it, it was only then that they installed Lotus Notes and Microsoft Office. (They even had to reinstall the latter because .the first one was for 2000.)

After everything, I tried to calm down and start on my work. I opened my documents in an obscure folder they created and named “Data”, and found out these are all write-protected. Apparently, I wasn’t an administrator of my own PC. Hence, another long walk to the tech area to do some bugging.

Now, my PC is crawling. Imagine trying to run Windows XP in the old outdated IBM Pentium III’s with just 128MB’s of memory. It takes half a minute to open Internet Explorer, sometimes more. When I open a Word document with the Excel running, I always keep my fingers crossed hoping it won’t crash.

I didn’t ask for an upgrade in my OS and I don’t even dream of a new PC (I’ve been through that stage years ago and I decided to move on). What I asked was to take out the virus that infected my PC. That is all. Please bring back the glory of my old PC. Take out XP and give me back 2000.

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