After a couple of years, I’m finally going to take a trip to Cartimar today. Hermie, Velo City’s mechanic, managed to scout for me a 28-hole rim that can probably replace my busted Mavic Crossmax back rim. Whew! At least I won’t have to spend a lot of money to replace my wheelset. Now I can put what’s left in my savings for the new bike frame I’ve been dreamiing of.

After yesterday’s circus, it’s sad that the first thing that went to my mind is if the roads going to Cartimar are blocked.

I’ve was joking with some of the people in HR yesterday. I was saying that we better file for loans in SSS and Pag-Ibig before the government does a Titanic. At least we have some money when the Peso plunges to 70 to a US Dollar (or more).

I have my interview in the US Embassy for my Visa application next month. After yesterday, why do I feel that I just wasted the application fee?

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