It looks like I won’t be getting myself a new bike frame nor a new computer for the merit increase money we’ll be getting at the end of this week.

Apparently, I learned last Sunday that my three year old Mavic Crossmax wheelset is damaged. I was supposed to go mountain biking in Maarat with some of the Globe bikeheads when I noticed that my rear wheel is majorly out of true. Thinking that I can probably fix it with my spoke wrench, I put the bike on the roof rack and picked up King on the way to Chowking in San Mateo. When we got there, I unloaded my bike and prepared my tools. It was then when we noticed that there’s a crack in the rim near the spoke eyelets.

My primary suspect is the mechanic from the John’s bike shop, who tensioned the spokes too much that it cracked the the rim area around it. But being in the Philippines, work warranty is all but a dream so I might as well get myself a new one.

Now back in the market after years of not buying anything for good old Cheez Whiz, I braced myself for the prices of today’s bike parts. And the first surprise came soon enough when I learned that the new model of the wheelset that I bought before for ten thousand bucks is now at least forty thousand.

Definitely over my budget, I looked for alternatives. Now Benjie offered me the top of the line Bontragers that are tubeless and disc-ready for P21K, but I’m still far from being convinced. I know that they make wheels for Lance, but Lance doesn’t weigh close to two hundred pounds.

Moving on, I think I have a more solid solution, which came about after chatting with King this morning – a wheelset built with Shimano XTR disc brake-ready hubs, DT Spokes and Mavic rims! A strong and lightweight buy for less than P20K! Alright!

So there. I’m back again to biking. Well, at least in the buying aspect. Now I hope that the prices of these babies stay the same despite the skyrocketing fuel prices and Gloriagate scandal.

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