So that explains it
I was greeted this morning by Mr. Clueless. Yesterday, I emailed him a list of logos and picture messages for his promo. Thinking that everything’s OK, I went back to what I was doing. This morning when I went back up to the office after our breakfast-merienda, he approached me.

Just to give you an honest to goodness perspective, below is more or less how the exchange went through.

Clueless: Jovan, iyong mga pinadala mo sa akin iyon iyong mga picture logos, ‘di ba?

Me: (Corrects him) Iyon iyong mga operator logos.

Clueless: (Points to his cellphone’s screen) Iyon iyong mga lumalabas dito, ‘di ba?

Hello! You are working in a mobile company selling mobile products and you don’t fucking know what a fucking operator logo looks like?!


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