Funny to name this entry from a little shop along Esteban Abada that sells Karate stuff.

So I’m back in good old Loyola Heights. Civilization, finally. Suddenly, all of a sudden, I have lots of food places to choose from. Hehehehehe!

I’m now staying in La Vista. What’s cool is we have a gate at the back going to the Ateneo, so that I can gear up and bike whenever I want to. Although I’ve only done this once in our now month-old marriage, I’m planning to do this more often. Mark my word, I’m going to ride every night and get myself back to shape. A round shape, that is.

This prequel hullabaloo is getting to be such an in thing after the Star Wars saga ended. It was so in that we’re only made to attend Day 2 of our Mobile Planning. As I was saying, it was like watching A New Hope, the Empire Strikes Back, and The Return of the Jedi first before The Phantom Menace.

The Tour is fast approaching with only three weeks to go. This is going to be Lance‘s bid for number seven before he rides to the sunset. Although we’re not going to see him ride in the Champs Elysee as we dreamed, you can bet that we’re going to follow it on cable and on the internet. I only pray that SkyCable wouldn’t kill their TV5 French channel signal.

I’ll be watching Batman Begins today with my wife at the Glorietta. Finally, the Batman movie franchise is macho again. That gay director, Joel Schumacher, should burn to the ground for what he did. Being a big Tim Burton fan, I hope the director of this one makes it really dark.

Talking about Batman Begins, I hate the details (or lack thereof) in Mattel‘s line of Batman toys. It was poorly done and the paints was all over the character. I wished they gave the license instead to Kenner. If there’s one thing I wish I could have from their line, it would be the spanking new Batmobile. Check it out baby!

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