Few days to go before the big day and I am very excited. I am still sleeping well. Is that normal?

Starting next week I’ll be on leave from work till the 18th, so you can imagine how much stuff I have to turn over to my colleagues. Good luck to both of them.

For my lunch break, I’ll be going to Copylandia in Katipunan to pick up the message cards for the big day. I’ll probably do a drive-thru at Jollibee Commonwealth for my food.

Talking about Jollibee, never mind the sucky print ads for their Jolly Zerts line. You have to try the Jollibee Mango Caramel sundae. Since I tasted last Friday, I’ve been craving for it. Delicious.

Gas is so freaking expensive. My super unleaded costs P30.34 a liter last week. Now it’s P30.64 – a 30 centavos increase in just a week! So my P500 gas up only lasts for three days max. Prepare those bike lanes, MMDA!

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