Top things I hate on the road: Part I
I’ve been planning to blog about this for a long time but I keep forgetting. I guess now’s the time.

Scooters & Motorcycles. Knowing how to ride one doesn’t necessarily make you fit to ride the road. With the influx of cheap scooters and motorcycles from China and Korea, we’re slowly turning into another India. It could’ve been a good sign of progress, but with the mentality of jeepney drivers, these riders ride their babies like they were in a Playstation game! What’s worse, they seldom wear helmets and they expect cars and other vehicles to give way when they try to squeeze in.

Politicians and their Escorts. I know you all experienced this – you’re crawling along EDSA during rush hour when a pair of policemen with full lights and sirens signal you to stop to make way for a politician in his gass-guzzling SUV and his escorts in their Nissan Patrols and L300’s. Now how can you expect the Metro’s traffic situation to get any better if our dishonorable government officials get to cut through traffic like a hot knife though butter? Here’s an idea – let the politicians drive their own vehicles without any sirens and police escorts. I’m sure the rush hour traffic will be the first thing on their agenda.

Sampaguita Vendors. If you’re sampaguita vendor, do the motorists a favor and play the part of a sampaguita vendor – sell sampaguitas! How do they expect us to buy a strand with three lousy flowers and a line that goes “Bilhin niyo na po ito ng makauwi na ako.” What the hell?! They’re more like sampaguita beggars than vendors! I think people in sales should lecture them on doing effective sales pitches. Care to volunteer, Jules?

Buses. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but these buses are rarely full. There are too many of them and they occupy a lot of space on our streets. We now have the MRT on a build-operate-transfer scheme. How about following the same business model and just get one company to operate the buses on major thoroughfares?

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