Wow! Haven’t really seriously blogged in a long while. (Hmmmm. Parang you heard this one before from her?) I’ve been too busy or stressed at work to type anything. And with the phone line in my room cut, my online presence is limited to the office.

So what’s up with me? My ****. Hehehehehe!

I bought na my wedding shoes, socks and kamisachino in Glorietta after our meeting with a game supplier in Makati. Ain’t that cool or what? I was actually thinking about that cool pair Cole-Haan with Nike Air soles, but it fucking costs P12,000! Shit naman!

Wedding invitations are being finalized na with the nice guy at AdWorks, I’m doing the misalette, and Mira and Peaches are helping out with the designs for the fans for the church.

I get to see the Jars of Clay concert knowing only three songs. If there was a silver lining in Charo’s purple finger incident (ask her na lang what happened), it’s got to be that I didn’t get to watch the cheesy on-stage proposal. After Lit Onrubia, you guys better think of something other than proposing on stage in a concert in the front of thousands of people. Do something like that guy who made his in Palawan.

O sige. Hanggang dito muna at medyo may amats ako from the two mugs of San Mig Light draft I had.


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