Happy Valentiness, everyone!

I avoided the rush and gave my Cha her Valentine’s gift less than an hour ago. I don’t want to do the usual “safe” bouquet of roses. Besides being too damn expensive this time of the year, those are definite cliches. It’s like giving jewelry to your nililigawan‘s birthday – it lacks creativity.

So what I did was after our fun pre-nuptial photoshoot this afternoon at the Ateneo with our photographer, Dino Lara, and to our surprise, our videographer as well, Jason Magbanua, I took a trip to Greenbelt with Morny to buy my honey something to appease her sweet tooth – a scrumptious-but-healthy, dieter-friendly chocolate cake from Bizu called “Naomi”.

What more can you give to your special someone who craves for chocolate and all things sweet but can’t indulge because she wants to look ravishing in her gown? A perfect fit (pun intended), I thought. Our trip there with Bunny, Kookie, Aina and Bunny’s boys is a blessing in the sky.

So for those of you who are still in the dark as to what you’re giving your loved one this Valentine’s day, save yourself from mediocrity and think out of the box. A comfy pair of slippers for someone whose feet hurts from wearing heels all day would be more appreciated than just twelve flowers that smell funny. Then again, I could be wrong.

Cheers everyone!

(And avoid the earthquake-prone biglang-liko areas of Pasig and Pasay)

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