Maski Na Ano

It’ll be Christmas soon. Take it easy when your feast on your Christmas Ham, Quezo de Bola and Castañas. And don’t forget to drink lots of water. A friendly reminder from someone with hypertension and kidney stones.

Since we’re talking about Christmas, wouldn’t it be great to have my kidney stone placed in a pendant and sell it as one of those Nativity Stones on TV complete with a certificate of authenticity from the Mayor of Bethlehem? I’d definitely make a fortune!

Thanks to everyone who gave me gifts this season. I’m sorry I cannot wait till the 25th. As the Globe people would probably say, I have low EQ. This season, my top three faves are the XBOX from Charo, the cue stick from Morny, and the handcuffs from Joseph.

This afternoon, I went to the barber shop for a haircut so I’ll be pogi when I meet Charo’s relatives in Biñan tomorrow for lunch. I ended up not only getting a haircut but a hot oil treatment as well. What can I say?

I really miss hearing Mass in the Ateneo High School on the 24th. It was solemn. When they built the Church of the Gesu on the Hill of the Sacred Heart, I thought they would continue the Midnight Mass tradition. They didn’t.

My brother, together with his ASSOC friends, will be driving around the Metro tonight to distribute gifts of canned goods and clothing to the people sleeping in the streets. It’s something that he’s been doing for several years already. Ain’t that cool?

Merry Christmas, everyone. 🙂

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