Today is the last official working day of 2004 and almost everyone in the office is too lazy to work. Usually we’re all on forced leave after the company Christmas party, but it’s different this year. If it wasn’t for the special declaration, we would have to go to work tomorrow, too.

Talking about work, I discovered that one of our playback operators is pulling a trick on us. I did a surprise visit last Tuesday to good old Mandaluyong to pick up the busted machine for some maintenance work. Lo and behold, the sneaky one is logged in but isn’t there! Obviously this is going to be his last Christmas with this company.

There’s a get-together with the 4C people tonight at eight in 90 Proof along Emerald Avenue in Ortigas. Still having second thoughts on dropping by, though. Right now it’s about 70-30 leaning more on the “not going”. I’m thinking more in the lines of calling the boys to try out the new cue stick Morny gave me for Christmas.

I turned 28 last Saturday. I’m old. Pretty soon, I’m going to say goodbye to the calendar and hello to the lotto. But that’s OK. At least it’s not the bingo.

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