She’s been a good little girl this year, so for Christmas I gave my honey what she’s been raving about all year – an iPod.

I was teasing her last Friday, telling her that I only got her a bag from T, one of her favorite bag places. Seems pretty reasonable and a good cover, don’t you think? But somehow she didn’t believe me. I guess the giveaway was when I asked her if she’s excited to get her gift.

So I gave her the gift when I picked her up from the condo last Saturday. And borrowing from Chegay’s blog, the look on her face was “priceless”.

We rushed to my place, excited to upload our MP3’s into the gadget. The big disappointment came when we found out that our PC’s didn’t have firewire nor USB 2.0. Bummer.

So our uploading was moved to last night after I bought a firewire card and installed in her PC.

So for the first time tonight, I’ll be seeing the gadget in action. Hehehehehe!

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