I visited the doctor yesterday and it’s true that I have kidney stones. The good news is it’s still small that an operation is still far from happening. According to him, this can probably be treated through medicine or laser. He also wants me to take an IVP, which I’m scheduled today.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s a procedure where they put dye in the patient and have him x-rayed so that the urologist will get a clearer picture of the kidney area and see if there are any more stones in there.

What really sucks (so far) is the procedure before the IVP. First, they made me eat plain lugaw at 7:00 PM. An hour after, they made me take 60cc of castor oil. Then there’s no taking down of anything after midnight until the IVP is over.

Now can I tell you that this castor oil theraphy is really good if you’re planning on a cleansing diet. It’s one helluva laxative! Everything started to flow after about three hours. That’s right – flow! As in like the waterfalls! It was so effective, it puts eating gindara to shame. And there’s like a film of oil similar to your usual order of sisig. Yummy!

I’ll be leaving for St. Luke’s by 11:30 AM today. My procedure is scheduled at 1:00 PM.

Wish me luck!

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