I went back to work yesterday but was rushed to the Capitol Medical Center a little after lunch because all of a sudden my left lower back began to hurt.

I thought it was just gas, but the pain changed from something minor to really unbearable in a short span of time. The dose of Ponstan 500 administered to me in the company infirmary didn’t make things any better. It was so much that I didn’t know how to position myself on the emergency room bed. I asked the doctor to give me something for the pain, and she gave a shot of Buscopan.

They got samples of my blood and urine when I woke up. They suspect it has something to do with the kidneys. After a few hours of waiting for the results, they discovered that the RBC count on my urine was high so they cleared it with the surgery team just to check. Their finding – I have kidney stones.

I’ll be going back to Capitol today for ultrasound to find out where the stone is. After that, we’ll decide what to do.

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