I am now a Tantra Online addict. I’ve been playing the game at home despite the slow dial-up connection and my pc’s limited capacity of only 128MB’s of RAM. If you haven’t tried it yet or haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about, login to http://www.tantra.com.ph now!

Have you guys seen National Treasure? If you’re a fan of the Indiana Jones-type of movies, then you’ll probably get a kick out of this one. We watched it last night in Eastwood.

Talking about Eastwood, please do not eat at the Max’s restaurant in Eastwood City, Libis. Their service is so lousy, it sucks big time.

I ordered a glass of bottomless iced tea while Charo got the single order. When I asked for a refill, they said that it’s not possible because my glass isn’t the right one for refills. Apparently, they served us the wrong glasses of iced tea and I ended up with the one for single orders. Now get this – the manager (I assume he’s the manager since he’s the one wearing the blue shirt and tie), instead of doing damage control and adjusting to the situation by instructing his waiters to give me my refill instead of Charo, told us that it’s obvious which glass was for the refills.

Well, if it was that obvious, then there would’ve been a word “refill” or something printed on the glass, don’t you think? The size difference, which the supposed manager tried to point out as the obvious marker as to which is which, isn’t that distinct and anyone could’ve made the same mistake. How would a customer know the internal details of the restaurant’s system when all that matters to him primarily is that he’s served with what he ordered within a reasonable amount of time?

If there’s anyone here reading this who knows the owner of that Max’s branch, or better yet the Max’s franchise management, please send this to them.

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