Sorry for not blogging. I know that I’m way overdue for a new entry, but for the past week I just didn’t have the time to do it with all these major projects I’m coming up with.

I wish I can tell what it is, but it’s really top secret. Don’t worry. You’ll find out soon.

We’ve been working on this at maximum overdrive, night and day. For the past days, we go home at around two in the morning making sure things are ironed out. And for this, I am very grateful to Joko and Jun for their generosity with their talents. Of course, I extend my thanks to Karen, Warren and Rusnell for helping out in their own unique ways.

I am really excited how this will turn out. We got to try out the first application this evening and it worked well with minor glitches. We just need to set-up the suffix and update the reply messages to reflect the pricing and we’re done. Just two more to go.

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