Just watched Bourne Supremacy on Glorietta 4 courtesy of W@W and an upcoming bridal magazine. It was awesome. The car chase at the end was great, but I’m still biased with the Italian Job. Just call me a mini cooper fan.

I haven’t watched a movie here for a long time, so tonight’s trip felt something like coming home. I remember those nights with the boys watching movies at the Artfilm theater or the last full shows with the portalettes.

It was a welcome break before the “coming of the storm”. In the final quarter rush to reach the targets, everyone in the team’s involved. I’ve got my hands full with a number of upcoming services lined up along with four promos for launching.

Normally, I’d be ranting by now but what’s the use? So instead of doing that, I’m adopting a new attitude – bring it on! Tanggap lang ng tanggap. Bahala na si Batman!

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