Another Confession

Bless me, Blogger, for I haved sinned. My last confession was years ago. Honestly, I never thought that this would happen, but it did — I tripped on an OJT again.

It happened this afternoon at around four. I was checking my emails and minding my own business when the tech boys’ OJT approached me. Here’s the script.

OJT: Sir, pasulat ho ng inyong full name at user name.

Me: Ha? Para saan ‘yan?

(OJT pauses and thinks for a while)

OJT: Ahhh… Para sa ano ho… Sabi ho nila pasulat na lang ho, eh.

Me: Wala akong natanggap na email tungkol diyan. May memo ba ‘yan?

OJT: Wala ho.

Me: Sino bang nagsabi niyan?

OJT: Si… Sino nga ba ‘yun? Iyong nandoon po… Ah! Mamaya na nga lang kayo!

(OJT approaches my seatmate)

OJT: Sir, pasulat ho ng pangalan niyo at saka username.

John: Ha?! Ummm… para saan ba ito?

(OJT storms back to the tech room)

Here’s a tip to you OJT’s out there – make sure you know what your superiors asked you to do before you do them.

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