Got bitten by the blog bug just when I was supposed to get ready for work.

Thank God the past three weeks are over. Those were really toxic. I had three text promos that require DTI approval that I almost bagged the office record for making the most trips to that office agency in a week. Marlon now knows me by face and we even had this small conversation about Mrs. Perez in Australia representing the agency. (I wonder what those Aussies would think now of Filipinos after that encounter). As for the learnings, I realized it pays to be early. I am there at seven in the morning. And in several instances, ealier than that. Yup, your body might kill you for sleep deprivation, but you’re guaranteed you’ll be serviced before lunchtime.

We’ll be meeting with Balay Kandila later. We were supposed to meet with them yesterday but they had something at ABS.

I am so proud of myself for reaching the summit of the Antipolo climb. I didn’t go hard at all. All the time I was telling myself to go easy, this being my first ride in months. I wasn’t ashamed to use the granny gear and I think I was crawling at something around seven kilometers an hour. Hey! I got to the top! The whole trip, from the climb to going back to the house, took me a little over an hour. Not bad.

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