I haven’t blogged for quite some time. Sorry about that. I guess I just didn’t have the inspiration to write. Actually tinatamad pa rin ako ngayon, but here are some stuff to keep my avid fans updated.

I opted to spend the night in Charo’s house rather than go head on with the monstrous traffic jams caused by the heavy rains last Friday, 23 July 2004. Knowing that the traffic would be heavy, I watched the Tour in the office and left for home at past eleven in the evening. Lo and behold, coming from C.P. Garcia, Katipunan was at a stand still. I managed to make it to the u-turn slot to La Vista and drove to Cha’s place.

My brother and my dad took the San Mateo route, passing by Commonwealth Avenue and the Batasan complex. So did my sister and my brother-in-law.

Ang galing ‘no?

On another note, congratulations to Lance Armstrong for breaking the record and winning the Tour de France for six consecutive years! Congratulations also to the United States Postal Service Team for such a feat. Hope you guys are all back when Lance goes back for his 7th title bid.

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