So this is it, the big day. Well, not quite. It’s my sister’s big day, really. She’s now in the hotel hopefully enjoying her last hours of singlehood with a few of her closest friends from high school and a stripper from Chicos. Just kidding.

I texted her and asked her if we need to bring sandwiches for everybody in case nobody thought about it, but she’s got it covered. She ordered food from KFC. I also gave her some last minute reminders to make sure the person assigned doesn’t forget the important church stuff – the rings, cord, veil, lighter/matches and the bible. She just texted me now and asked me to bring her bottle of Bactidol. What a day to have a singaw!

I hope she offered eggs to the nuns at the Monasterio de Santa Clara. People say it’s for good weather. Nevertheless, I’m bringing two of Chai’s humongous umbrellas just in case. Those and my mini TV to watch the Ateneo – La Salle game later at Studio 23.

I was supposed to wake up at nine but I guess everyone’s excited here in the house, her being the first one to walk down the aisle among the three of us. She gave me a Mark & Spencer shower gel as a gift for “overtaking” the panganay and I plan on trying later.

We’ll be leaving for the hotel at ten. My dad will be hitching with me. Carlo, my brother, will be leaving earlier to pickup her ex from her house and drive to the hotel. Yup, she’s invited too. In fact, she’s my partner in this veil thing. Cha, on the other hand, is my brother’s partner. Their task is to light the candles, which is easy compared to what I’m doing. She will be doing her trial make-up today at eleven so we’ll be seeing each other in the church.

I’m glad Kristine ended up with Ricky. He seems to be a good soul. I can’t imagine if it were someone else. Someone like Arnie or, worse, that hollow block-throwing Jasper guy. I had this big fear before that one of them would get her pregnant. Thank God it didn’t end that way. If it were a Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas ending and people will be made to choose which one of the two she’d end up with, I’d really insist on having a “wala sa kanila” option.

At 26, my sister’s getting married. I hope they have a blast!

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